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Our Story

Upon the Taliban re-assuming power in Afghanistan in August 2021, 35 young girls and women made their way to Australia on humanitarian visas. These girls and women were active members of the Afghan National Women’s Team football program and were targeted by the Taliban. 

Now living in Melbourne, the refugee athletes wish to once again play football, as one team, and with the support of players around the world be reinstated the National Team of Afghanistan in exile.

In partnership with Melbourne Victory, we’re embracing our community to assist the Afghan Women’s Team (AWT) social, cultural and sporting transition to Australia. 

Why a virtual seat?

Supporting the AWT

The Afghan Women’s Team lead, unite, connect and inspire people from around the world and this is one way to contribute to their success.

Financially supporting the Afghan Women’s Team (AWT) will be crucial to ensure they are successful both on and off the pitch long-term. The virtual seats program enables all Australian’s and those passionate about seeing the team succeed, personally and on the international stage, to do so through the purchase of a seat.  The money you gift also protects the anonymity of the team and ensures their safety while giving their families and Afghani women and girls back home hope.


How can you help?

Support comes in many different ways:

Purchasing a Seat

Through purchasing a virtual seat, your donation goes towards supporting the AWT in their transition to living in Australia and playing the sport they love, at the highest level they can

Monthly Donations

Contact us directly if you are interested in providing monthly or one-off donations outside of our virtual seat program.

Sponsorship Opportunities

We have many partnership opportunities for businesses to align with the team.

Our Partners

We thank the companies who have assisted the AWT team journey so far.

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