Afghan Women's National Team



Why support the AWT?

For the AWT to achieve success both on and off the pitch we need your help.

There are many ways to give to the program, which includes:

For assistance with setting up a monthly donation or partnership enquiries, please email us at

To purchase your virtual seat, please click here.

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The Afghan Women’s Team lead, unite, connect and inspire people from around the world and this is one way to contribute to their success.

Financially supporting the Afghan Women’s Team (AWT) will be crucial to ensure they are successful both on and off the pitch long-term. The virtual seats program enables all Australian’s and those passionate about seeing the team succeed, personally and on the international stage, to do so through the purchase of a seat.  The money you gift also protects the anonymity of the team and ensures their safety while giving their families and Afghani women and girls back home hope.

Donations will be invested by Melbourne Victory in running and operating the AWT program. This includes using donations and money raised from AWT initiatives to fund the logistics, welfare, education, employment and training and football support provided to the women individually and as part of the Melbourne Victory-AWT.

Your virtual seat is digital only and does not include a physical seat or membership. It provides a way to contribute to the AWT program and provide support to the women on their journey with Melbourne Victory and beyond.

Given the speed at which the program has been adopted and implemented, DGR status for the program has not yet been obtained. We will update you if this changes in the future.  If tax deductibility is essential to your ability to give, please reach out to our team to discuss further.

In addition to purchasing a virtual seat to support the team, we will be retailing the AWT kit through our merchandise partner, Ultra Football and also online through our Melbourne Victory e-store.  All proceeds derived by Melbourne Victory for the kits will be invested into the AWT program.  You also have the ability to make a donation to assist with the program through this site.  Finally, please make sure you come along to support the team during the season.  You can view their fixture here.

Follow Melbourne Victory’s social channels and website to keep up to date with the latest news and videos from the AWT.