Afghan Women's National Team


Our Story

In addition to playing, the AWT are seeking a life in Australia which will involve integrating into the community, finding work, education and developing communication skills.

Melbourne Victory is committed to and has been building a holistic and elite football program for the team which will enable them to once again grace the international stage and ensure their voice is heard.

This involves engaging our A-League Women’s coaching staff, including Championship winning manager Jeff Hopkins and his support staff, to prepare the team over the next 12 months leading into the 2023 World Cup in Australia.

Ideally, this will include developing a bespoke home for the team that is elite, culturally sensitive and safe and our priority is to work with the government and commercial partners to develop an elite facility that meets their needs.

The team will participate as one in the State League 4 Football Victoria competition this season.

Another key area of focus is the health and wellbeing of the players. In parallel, the Club will support their sporting life alongside their social and cultural needs. This involves investment in expert psychological support resources, employment services, grants for access to education and conducting English classes.

Your purchase of a virtual seat helps fund the AWT program and provide the girls and women with the best tools and opportunities to succeed.